A burglary conviction has very serious consequences, including a lengthy prison sentence. If you are also charged with a weapons crime, the penalties will likely be increased.

The Law Office of Michael L. Roberts, LLC, provides strategic defense representation to people charged with burglary and other theft crimes in Missouri. As your lawyer, I will investigate the case against you to determine the facts and to assess the strength of the state's case. You can rely on my experience and dedication to protecting your rights. Please contact me today for a free consultation with a Joplin burglary charges attorney.

To build a defense, I will review police reports, examine evidence and speak with witnesses. My experience as a police officer and prosecutor provides valuable insight into how the state may prosecute your case.

Because of the severity of burglary penalties, your attorney must be able to skillfully argue for reduced charges when possible. Burglary is a felony and can send you to prison for years. Charges can include:

  • Burglary in the first degree/home invasion — breaking into a home while people are there
  • Burglary in the second degree — breaking into an unoccupied building

If you possessed or used a weapon during the commission of the burglary, you could also be charged with armed criminal action. This weapons crime comes with a minimum three-year prison sentence. There is no cap on how long the sentence may be. Typically, a weapons crime sentence will be added to the burglary sentence.

I can also defend people charged with robbery, which is a felony with harsh penalties. Robbery is a theft crime that involves taking property by force. If a weapon is used, the penalties will be increased. In burglary and robbery cases, the charges and penalties will also be increased if a victim was injured or killed during the crime.

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