Since 2001, I have worked hard to provide defense representation to people charged with crimes in Missouri. I bring a unique perspective to criminal defense because I served as a police officer for 16 years and then as an assistant prosecuting attorney for Jasper County. When I review cases, I do so with a thorough knowledge of police procedure, arrest reports and what it takes to convict someone in Missouri.

However, I also understand that every case is different and must be evaluated on its own merits. While my experience is valuable, I know that each case requires a defense tailored to the defendant's individual circumstances.

You can rely on me to discuss your case with you, carefully explaining your options and the pros and cons of each one. I can help you decide how to proceed, but the final choice is always yours.

If you decide to take your case to trial, you will have an experienced trial lawyer on your side. Throughout my career, I have had significant trial experience. Because I know how prosecutors work and how they try cases, I can build a defense strategy to counteract the prosecution's case.

From traffic violations to misdemeanor drug charges and felony burglary charges, I can protect your rights. If you have been charged or think you will be charged with a crime, speak with me as soon as possible so I can get started on your defense.

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