Auto theft is typically charged as a felony so it is important that your lawyer is prepared to investigate the case and vigorously defend you. Even if you took someone's car, there are possible defenses and ways to reduce the charges. Make sure your lawyer has the knowledge and skill to keep the prosecution from overcharging you.

At The Law Office of Michael L. Roberts, LLC, I represent people charged with a variety of auto theft crimes. My experience with the prosecution and defense sides of Missouri law gives me an advantage when building case strategy. Using my experience, I will tailor a defense based on the facts of your unique case. Please contact me today for a free consultation with a Joplin auto theft charge attorney.

I arrested people on suspicion of tampering with a vehicle as a police officer and prosecuted others when I was an assistant prosecuting attorney for Jasper County. I know how these cases are tried by prosecutors and can often anticipate their case strategy.

The charges for theft crimes are generally determined by the value of stolen property. You can be charged with a misdemeanor for stealing less than $500 worth of goods and a felony if the value is $500 or more.

Stealing a car or other motor vehicle can result in charges of tampering with a vehicle/operating without permission. This is a class C felony and penalties can include a prison sentence of one to seven years.

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